AVEC owns a wide spectrum of brands that cater for the needs of hair and beauty businesses. This enables us to remain in control of every aspect of the range, from product development and branding, to sourcing, ordering and replenishing and delivering to our customers. This enables us to stay true to our ethos of delivering high quality products at cost effective prices.

In exceptional circumstances, we work as a distributor for brilliant brands that we believe in and circulate them through our network of wholesale partners.

If you have a product that is in development or has recently launched that you would like to introduce it to AVEC simply contact us.

If you are a wholesaler, we love a meeting of minds and enjoy nothing more than exploring opportunities with like-minded businesses in the hair and beauty industry.

If you’d like to add your wholesale business to the list of more than 125 stores across Britain, Ireland and Europe that are already experiencing the benefits of retailing quality products at affordable prices we’d love to talk to you.